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When we work together and stand united as equal participants in Ward 5 and the District of Columbia, we cannot be defeated. Together, we will rise. Join me in restoring “Pride in Ward 5”!

Mayor Anthony Williams on Vincent Orange Partnership

Hello Ward 5 Residents,

I pray this message finds you and your family well. Longtime residents can attest to the challenging work we embarked upon to make Ward 5 attractive, beautiful and enticing for our newest residents.

During my two terms as Ward 5 Councilmember, we spearheaded replacing a 25-acre car impoundment lot and salt dome with the Brentwood shopping complex including Home Depot, Giant, Carolina Kitchen etc. We reopened and renovated McKinley Technology High School and Noyes Elementary School, brought DCTV headquarters to Brooks Mansion, COSTCO and affordable housing to Ft Lincoln, retail and affordable housing to Ft Totten, Catholic University, Brookland and Bloomingdale areas of our beloved Ward 5, and we rebuilt/renovated Turkey Thicket, North Michigan Park, Brentwood and Trinidad Recreation Centers, and so much more.

Today, I ask you to join me in making the streets of Ward 5 safe, maintaining our remaining green space, providing opportunities for residents to remain in Ward 5 and restoring “Pride in Ward 5”!

Thank you,
Vincent Orange aka “VO”


  • Attorney * Certified Public Accountant * LL.M - Taxation
  • Ward 5 Council Member 1999 – 2007
  • DC Democratic National Committeeman 2008-2014
  • At-Large Council Member 2011 – 2016


  • Chair, Committee on Government Operations 2001-2007
  • Co-Chair, Special Committee on Special Education 2004
  • Chair, Committee on Small Business and Local Development 2011-2012
  • Chair, Committee on Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs 2012-2016

Vincent Orange: a Proven Track Record of Getting Things Done

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