April 4, 2022

Former At-Large Council Member John Ray Endorses Vincent Orange for Ward 5 Councilmember


Leadership, Experience and Results

On December 7, 2021, several of Ward 5’s most historical and treasured assets, the United States Armed Forces Retirement Home, the United States National Cemetery, the Washington Hospital Center, the Children’s National Hospital, the Washington Veteran’s Medical Center and the New York Avenue Recreation Center were positioned by the Council of the District of Columbia to be removed from Ward 5 and given to Wards 1 and 2 through redistricting. Vincent Orange demonstrated outstanding leadership and strategic experience by bringing awareness to the Ward 5 community leaders and mobilizing them to effectively halt the redistricting plan. This action resulted in Ward 5 remaining intact and an exhibition of leadership and experience by Vincent Orange in protecting the interests of Ward 5 residents.

Economic Development and Job Creation

Vincent Orange as a former Councilmember has a proven and indisputable record on bringing economic development and job creation to the District of Columbia, with a focus on Ward 5. Vincent’s leadership and support of catalytic economic development policies contributed significantly to the economic resurgence of the District of Columbia and the placement of major development projects in Ward 5- creating jobs and contracting opportunities for local and diverse business enterprises. Vincent Orange has been a champion for our local and diverse business community, resulting in 100s of millions of dollars in contract awards.


Vincent Orange realizes the intersection between strong communities and a strong District of Columbia. A review of his record would verify his indisputable accomplishments on building resilient communities, with a consistent focus on strengthening the educational system thereof. Through his leadership, he ensured students receive their books and core materials by the second week of each new school year and reopened and established McKinley Technology High School which is currently educating our future Ward 5 technology, engineering and business innovators.

Public Safety

Vincent Orange recognizes that public safety and diverse communities must co-exist. Our communities demand and need officers who are of and with the community. The answer is not to defund the police, but to invest “smartly” in well-trained officers that respect our communities, and their responsibility to be accountable. To have strong communities, we must have safe communities. Families must live and enjoy their communities. Our seniors must feel safe and protected. We cannot go to bed feeling insecure, nor can we stand for our children to be murdered while enjoying ice-cream in the middle of the day.

Strong Communities

Vincent Orange recognizes that a strong vibrant city is made up of strong vibrant communities where families can work, live, and enjoy their daily lives. Whether it’s just a walk in the park with kids and pets, working or reading a book in their bedroom at night. Without strong vibrant communities there will not be a strong vibrant city.


We must not tax for the sake of taxing. Tax policies must be developed with great consideration and proven necessity. Increasing property and income taxes, with no justification, is simply bad policy. Vincent Orange recognizes that tax policies must be smart and contemplative of impact—we cannot tax our residents out of DC and turn businesses away. Recently, the District of Columbia received over $1.2 billion in federal funds and is positioned to receive more. This resulted in a record surplus. When we have such an equation—to raise taxes would be bad policy. We need a leader that can be a strong voice on protecting our economic security.

Vincent Orange has demonstrated his leadership and commitment to our community. Without question, Vincent Orange will provide leadership, experience, maturity, an unbelievable work ethic and results as Ward 5 Councilmember. But he needs our support and vote. As a long-term resident of Ward 5, I ask that you support and vote for Vincent Orange in the upcoming Democratic Primary Election on June 21st.


Vincent Orange (“VO”) is ready to do so much more for WARD 5. Elect the leader WARD 5 needs on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, to make every WARD 5 neighborhood a safe and vibrant place to live, work, play and be educated.