February 11, 2021

Promises are Cheap


In the race for Ward 5 Councilmember…

  1. VO spearheaded DC’s first economic development project in twenty years – the Home Depot, Giant, Bank of America Shopping Center Complex in Ward 5. Thereafter, VO brought COSTCO, Lowes, Yes! Organic, Union Market, Monroe and Michigan Avenue NE Development and much more to fruition in Ward 5
  2. VO led the fight for school and recreation center modernisation in Ward 5 – demanding it – and got it done – including the reopening and renovation of McKinley Tech as McKinley Technology High School and the renovation of Noyes Elementary School; and the rebuilding and renovation of Turkey Thicket, North Michigan Park and Brentwood recreation centers
  3. VO pushed through improved school curriculums – for DC’s 3rd and 8th grade students and enacted legislation mandating our children receive books for their core subjects by the second week of each new school year and certification thereof within 30 days
  4. VO’s legislation placed a moratorium on strip clubs in Ward 5 – and a cap on the number of medical marijuana cultivation centers and medical marijuana dispensaries that can be placed in any Ward


Vincent Orange (“VO”) is ready to do so much more for WARD 5. Elect the leader WARD 5 needs on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, to make every WARD 5 neighborhood a safe and vibrant place to live, work, play and be educated.