February 21, 2022

Vote for our Children’s Future


Vincent Orange supports the Birth to Three initiative and the full funding thereof. We must begin preparing our children for a good quality of life commencing with birth.

Now, is the time to fully fund and implement Vincent Orange’s ‘Early Childhood Act‘. This Act requires the Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools to:

  • ensure a reasonable expectation that 3 and 4 year olds are prepared for kindergarten;
  •  ensure a reasonable expectation that students entering the 4th grade will be able to read independently, add, subtract, multiply, and divide;
  • require the Chancellor to track and measure progress for each designated level from age 3 to 4th grade;
  • ensure a reasonable expectation all 3rd graders entering the 4th grade can read independently, add, subtract, multiply, and divide;
  • ensure the Chancellor develops a curriculum that achieves the goal of preparing 3 and 4 year olds for kindergarten and 3rd graders for a 4th grade curriculum;
  •  examine the curriculum to ensure that it is effective;
  • ensure the Chancellor develops a plan for children who do not meet the goal of reading independently, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing upon entering the 4th grade; and,
  • report to the Mayor and the Council the readiness for all 3 and 4 year olds for entrance into kindergarten and the readiness for all 3rd grade students for entrance into the 4th grade.

Vincent Orange will ensure all DC children are prepared to pursue a good quality of life possessing an excellent educational foundation.

“We’ve made progress in DC’s schools. But we can do much much more. That’s why I’m fighting to ensure our children can read well and do basic math by the 4th grade, our teachers get more financial support, and the University of the District of Columbia becomes a tuition free educational institution for DC residents.”

— Vincent Orange

See Layla Orange a PK-4 student at Ward 5’s Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy’s Spanish Immersion Program. Layla is 4 years old and can be seen practicing addition, and identifying odd and even numbers and display Spanish knowledge with her father, Vincent Orange Jr. Layla is getting prepared for kindergarten.

Follow Layla’s lead below:



VO has won so many battles for our children already…

  • VO led the effort to re-open and establish McKinley Technology High School – which won the President Obama’s Blue Ribbon Excellence Award
  • VO authored a law that mandates DC’s children receive the books and core materials needed by the second week of each new school year
  • VO authored legislation recognizing the American Sign Language in DC
  • VO authored legislation that prevents smoking within 25 feet of a school or playground
  • GED graduates now receive DC High School Diplomas thanks to VO’s work with the DC State Board of Education

NOW, Vincent Orange is demanding even more…

VO is fighting to:

  • Provide every school age child a laptop and free access to the internet
  • Provide every child, teacher and support staff N95 masks, COVID-19 testing kits, sanitizer and a clean learning environment
  • Exempt DC school teachers from DC taxation and improved pay, so we retain our best teachers
  • Make sure all students entering the 4th grade can read well and do basic math
  • Make the University of the District of Columbia tuition-free for DC residents


Vincent Orange (“VO”) is ready to do so much more for WARD 5. Elect the leader WARD 5 needs on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, to make every WARD 5 neighborhood a safe and vibrant place to live, work, play and be educated.