April 6, 2022

We Are Family


Ward 5, we are family! We share family values, concerns, goals and aspirations. We grew up together, we laughed together, we cried together, we grew together, we developed our Ward 5 together, and we took care of our families together.

Gwen and I have been in Ward 5 for over forty years. Having met at Howard University, our entire married life has been in Ward 5 where we raised a generation of Oranges 🍊, Vincent JR., Paul Wesley and Jannie. And now a second generation of Oranges in DC has begun with Layla Elizabeth Orange, our 4 year-old granddaughter.

You know us! You have been to our home, summits, galas, parties, picnics, outings and more. Many of your children have been students of Gwen’s who taught in DC Public Schools for over 30 years. Many of you have earned jobs, contracts, opportunities, counseling, housing and so much more from our efforts.

You have shopped at Giant, Home Depot, Costco, Lowes, sipped coffee at Starbucks, dined in Union Market, played with your children at Turkey Thicket, North Michigan Park, Brentwood and Trinidad recreation centers, picked up your children at McKinley Technology High School, attended a ballgame at Nationals’ stadium and visited a relative in new housing in Ward 5. I was honored to make the $15 per hour minimum wage, 5 days of sick leave pay for tipped wage workers and workers theft legislation a reality. Since the enactment of my 2005 legislation, we have been enjoying DC’s only public holiday, DC Emancipation Day, annually on April 16th. I am so proud of this body of work. And I’m extremely proud to have worked with so many of you to bring it to fruition.

We have been here for you and we are not going anywhere.

I, Vincent Bernard Orange SR., have worked extremely hard over the years, with many of you, to make Ward 5 the best Ward in the nation’s capital. Because of the seeds we planted, nurtured and loved, we are the second fastest growing Ward in DC and new residents are arriving everyday.

I’m not finished giving, providing and working with you to complete what we started at Trinity College in 1999 when I hosted the First Annual Ward 5 Economic Development Summit, entitled “The Future Look of Ward 5”.

Today, I am in my prime, and the best is yet to come. Join me in providing and giving more for our families, family values and generations to come. Together, we shall address crime, pedestrian safety, education, housing, jobs, homelessness, mental health, economic development, green space, contract and business opportunities.

I look forward to winning the Tuesday, June 21, 2022 Democratic Primary for Ward 5 Council Member and continuing to work with the Ward 5 community, and provide you leadership, maturity and results! With your support and vote, we shall continue to achieve the impossible for our beloved Ward 5.

In Gods holy name, I pray,

Vincent Bernard Orange 🍊 SR.



Vincent Orange (“VO”) is ready to do so much more for WARD 5. Elect the leader WARD 5 needs on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, to make every WARD 5 neighborhood a safe and vibrant place to live, work, play and be educated.